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Questions You Should Ask Prior to a Toilet Installation

Questions You Should Ask Prior to a Toilet Installation

Explore the following questions before a toilet installation.

When was the last time you thought about your toilet? Your toilet is most likely the only fixture or appliance you use daily in your home. Although you can get away with missing almost any fixture for a day, the toilet is the exception. However, we don’t consider toilets something so essential and valuable unless they break down. Installing a new toilet can be in your future. If you notice that you need a new commode, explore the following questions before a toilet installation.

What is the Best Shape and Size?

Most homeowners need to be aware of the unlimited toilet options on the market these days. However, two of the most vital choices come down to the bowl’s shape and the seat’s height. In addition, the two options for bowl shape are oval and round. Additionally, oval is popular because it fits the needs of more users. However, the oval bowl may not be ideal if your toilet installation will be in a small space. Ultimately, seat height choices result in a matter of comfort.

Moreover, the standard height of 14.5 inches can be uncomfortably low for someone exceptionally tall. Fortunately, there are toilets on the market for taller people that are typically about 16 inches. There are also toilets with a 17-19 inches height for disabled folks.

What is the Toilet Cost?

Consider your budget before you fall in love with a toilet. There are numerous styles that come in various prices. Also, there are long-term cost benefits of some toilets over others. Additionally, your bathrooms may consume about 30% of your water, so selecting eco-friendly fixtures is wise. There are also higher toilet installation costs for some styles, like pressure-flushing toilets.

Is There Space for What I Want?

Be aware that toilets take up space and must meet the code. If your toilet installation is where there wasn’t a toilet previously, ensure you have room for clearance. It is typically 15 inches from the center of the toilet and 2 feet in front.

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