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Deciding What Kind of Bathroom Toilet to Get

Deciding What Kind of Bathroom Toilet to Get

Keep reading to learn how you can determine the best bathroom toilet for your needs.

Are you currently in the process of getting a new bathroom toilet for your home? If you are, then you should take your time and make sure the model you pick is the best one for your needs. So, how do you decide on the right toilet? Keep reading to learn how you can determine the best bathroom toilet for your needs.

Consider Your Budget

If you have budgetary restrictions in place, you want to factor them into the toilet model you get. You could spend anywhere between a couple hundred and a few thousand dollars, depending on the model. When you know your budgetary limits, you can then eliminate any toilets that are outside of your price range.

What Size Will Your Bathroom Toilet Be?

Your bathroom is a certain size, and that means your bathroom toilet has to be a certain size as well, one that fits the dimensions of your bathroom. There’s typically a range between 10 and 14 inches for the length, but the size of your bathroom will ultimately determine which size is optimal for you.

The height of the toilet also needs to be kept in mind. Think about who will be using your toilet, as your toilet will need to be accessible to everyone who uses it. The height of your toilet should make it comfortable to use, so you’ll want to measure the distance between the floor and the toilet seat ahead of time to make sure you pick the right height.

Decide on a Flushing System

Toilets flush in different ways, so the type of flush you want for your bathroom toilet should be taken into consideration when you’re deciding what type of toilet to install. You could go with a single-flush toilet, which means that every flush will use the exact same amount of pressure and water.

Alternatively, there are dual-flush toilets. By getting a bathroom toilet like this, you can choose between a half-flush and a full one, allowing you to improve your water efficiency. These do come at a higher price, though.

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