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Toilet Troubleshooting: Fixing The Faulty Flush

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Imagine this: you’re trying to flush the toilet – emphasis on trying because it simply won’t budge.

Imagine this: you’re trying to flush the toilet – emphasis on trying because it simply won’t budge. At this point, you’re probably exasperated and wondering what the problem is, especially if there is no obvious clog or blockage. That you can see, at least. One of the reasons this happens is that it simply isn’t getting enough water. Alternatively, one of the interior components could be malfunctioning. If you’re in search of a quick fix, we’ve got good news: just follow our lead!

Unclog That Concealed Clog

Clogs are the most common reason why your toilet has trouble flushing. This sticky situation usually results from a user attempting to flush something that shouldn’t go down the bog. Toilet paper is good to go, but flushable wipes could cause problems down the plumbing line. Plungers and toilet augurs can unstick the clog. The flange plunger will do the best job since it creates a tighter seal.

Inspect the Handle and Chain Mechanism 

Suppose that there is no clog. In that case, an unforeseen blockage is not the problem. The true culprit could be the handle and chain mechanism. When the chain gets disconnected, it stops the flushing lever from working. On the other hand, the chain might be too long or too short.

Meanwhile, extra-long chains won’t snap the flapper up, and the flush doesn’t happen when the flapper doesn’t move. But if the chain is too short, the flapper won’t close all the way. This means that you’ll hear the fixture continue to run, and it can’t refill itself. Pull the lid off the tank and look at the chain. You might need to resecure it if it has come undone.

Force the Flapper to Stop Flapping 

The flapper is the inlet valve that moves water from the tank into the toilet bowl. Worn-out flappers are easy to replace. Once you have a new one, turn off the water supply. Empty the tank and then remove the old flapper. Put the new one in its place and then reattach the chain. If you live in an apartment or townhouse rental complex, dealing with this is as easy as putting in an online maintenance request.  

Attempt to Fix the Overflow Tube 

One last suggestion we have for you involves the overflow tube. Cracked or damaged overflow tubes draw water in instead of letting it run past. Take out the old overflow tube and put in a new one instead!

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