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Leak Defense Systems

The last thing you need to worry about is the threat of a broken water pipe or a water leak that can turn into a flooded home. With some upgrades to your home plumbing, you can trust leak defense systems to catch leaks quickly and stop a disaster in its tracks. Leak defense systems go by many names today, including flood defense systems, leak prevention systems, flood prevention systems, flood stops, and more. All in all, these leak detection and prevention systems are installed to give homeowners extra peace of mind. Master Plumbing & Mechanical are trusted installers of these whole-home leak defense systems.

What Do These Flood Stops Do?

The various names given to these types of systems make it apparent what the purpose of leak defense systems and flood stops do. These systems detect unusual water usage in your home that could very well indicate a leak, then automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent a potential home flood. This also gives the user time to hire a plumber to inspect and repair faulty pipes or faucets. A few brands Master Plumbing & Mechanical are familiar with include:

Master Plumbing & Mechanical is recognized as Authorized Installers for Leak Defense System.

Benefits of Leak Defense Systems

The initial appeal of flood prevention systems is the added protection to your property from water damage. This alone could save you from surprises on your water bill, or coming home from work or vacation to a leaking disaster.

Modern, high-tech models of these leak defense systems offer homeowners greater insight and control over their home water usage. Monitor your home’s water consumption or remotely shut off the water supply, all from an integrated mobile app. Get notifications about irregular water usage sent straight to your mobile device if desired. Homeowners can use their smart leak defense system to understand better where the water in their home is going and how much water your household is using.

Your Insurance Company Wants You To Have One

Plenty of insurance companies have recognized the value of whole home flood prevention systems. Some policies even require homes to have a leak defense system installed before beginning coverage. Call your home insurance provider and see if they offer policy discounts or reimbursements if you install one in your home. In fact, some insurance companies can even direct you to certain trusted products, like Leak Defense System.

How Master Plumbing & Mechanical Can Get You Set Up

You know your home and water usage needs best. After you conduct your research and have chosen a whole-home leak defense system, trust Master Plumbing & Mechanical to install and get you set up with your new system. You can consult with our experts if you need some guidance on choosing a model. We can also take care of letting your insurance company know that you have added this new safeguard to your home.

Master Plumbing & Mechanical services the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. If you need a professional installation of a leak defense system for your property, contact us to schedule an appointment with an expert technician.

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