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Is Something Wrong with Your Toilet?

Is Something Wrong with Your Toilet?

So if something is wrong with your toilet, it’s time to get it straightened out.

If your toilet is always running, then it can disrupt your conversations. It can also make it harder to hear the TV. On top of all that, it will run up the water bill. All of these situations are incredibly frustrating. So if something is wrong with your toilet, it’s time to get it straightened out.

The Flush

Most of the time, all you need to do is push once on the flusher. Then the toilet will suck all of the water and anything else in the bowl away down the drain. This happens so often that you take it for granted until it stops working as it should. Ghost flushing, also known as phantom flushing, can be a recurring problem, especially for older toilets that aren’t exactly high-quality models and are rarely maintained. it’s possible to replace the flapper on your own, but you’d be better off asking a professional plumber to do it for you.

The Tank

Take a moment and consider the tank attached to your toilet. Again, you probably won’t have to until something is afoot and you have to remove the lid of the tank to investigate the source of any plumbing troubles. If there’s too much water in the bowl, it could end up flooding your bathroom. The inlet valve can let out a weird hissing noise that is a bad sign. Moving the refll tube could solve the problem, but it might not. Since it can be difficult to know what is causing the problem, you will need to get in touch with a licensed and certified plumber who can diagnose the problem for you. 

Emptying Out

A weak flush can be worse than no flush at all. After all, it can give you false hope that it’s working normally. But it’s normal for a toilet to become blocked or clogged, especially if you overdo it on the toilet paper! While a plunger can help unstick the toilet, this won’t always do the trick. Some tiny holes under the rim will become blocked, and you’ll need to clean them out. Be careful not to leave scratches behind. They’re ugly, and they can make any other problems worse. 

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