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Water Line Replacement: Signs You May Need One

Water Line Replacement: Signs You May Need One

It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself about the signs of plumbing trouble. Read on for several signs that you may need a water line replacement.

A plumbing emergency is a terrible thing to experience, especially when it results in needing major restorative work. Ideally, you should be constantly vigilant and on the look out for signs of trouble, and (in a perfect world), you would always be able to catch small issues before they became big emergencies. While it is not a perfect world, it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself about the signs of plumbing trouble. Read on for several signs that you may need a water line replacement.

What Is The Main Water Line

The main water line is your connection to the water supply from your city or municipality to your home. It runs, typically underground, from the main supply in the street, through the water meter (which monitors how much water you use) to the home, and inside to the interior plumbing. Inside there is also a main shut off close to where the pipe enters the home and a water regulator that limits the pressure that can build up. 

What Are The Signs Of Water Line Trouble

One of the more noticeable signs of a main line issue is the sound. If there is constant banging, clanking, or whistling coming from your pipes, there is probably a problem somewhere in the system. Likewise if your pipes always sound like there is water running through them, even when everything is off, there is a problem somewhere. Extreme low water pressure is also a sign that there is likely a leak, especially if it gets worse over time. Dampness on the walls or ceiling inside or visible excess water bubbling up outside are also signs of a leaking main water pipe. Finally, a significant increase in your water bill that can’t be explained by any other changes. If you’re not sure what counts as a significant increase, ask the neighbors or your friends what their monthly usage is (not the amount they pay, because that will change from city to city) and compare it to yours. You could also compare your current usage to past bills.

When To Call The Experts

When you think you might have a plumbing issue, call the experts. Some home owners are handy enough to make a difference in a plumbing emergency, but most will actually just make it worse. When in doubt, turn off the water to that fixture, area, or (if all else fails) the whole house, and call a plumber. 

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