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Rusty Tap Water: What Does It Mean?

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If you notice rusty tap water, these could be the causes.

If you turn on your faucet only to see brown, rusty water pouring out, it’s time to investigate the problem. While rusty tap water is not ideal, it isn’t a reason to panic. Common causes of rusty tap water include a water main break, water heater issues, and corroding metal pipes. By considering from which faucets the issue appears and the temperature of the water affected, you may find the root cause. For help from the experts, reach out to Master Plumbing for an inspection.

When Both Hot and Cold Tap Water Are Brown

If you notice that water from your hot and cold faucets is coming out brown, the reason may be a water main break in a local water main or fire hydrant. Water main breaks often result in sediment entering your water supply due to the interconnectedness of many municipal water lines. 

If you notice your hot and cold water running with brown sediment or residue, check your community “boil water warnings” to see if this is a widespread issue. If not, alert your local water authority as soon as possible to ask if there has been maintenance on local water mains. This can help you determine what is causing the issue and figure out how long it might be until your water supply is clear again.

What Does it Mean When Only Hot Water is Brown?

If rusty tap water only comes from hot water faucets, while the cold water looks clear, your hot water heater is likely to blame. Sediment buildup in the water heater can lead to rusty brown water. You should fix this problem as soon as possible to keep your water heater from breaking. Sediment buildup can easily lead to corrosion in the water tank and makes leaks, cracks, and bursts within the tank more likely. 

To fix the problem, flush your water heater tank to remove sediment buildup. If you notice that your water heater tank already shows signs of corrosion, call a professional plumber for guidance.

What Does it Mean When Rusty Tap Water Only Comes Out of a Couple Faucets?

If specific faucets pour rusty tap water, you may have a corroded water supply pipe. Many homes with older plumbing systems may encounter the problem of sediment buildup in the pipes. This can sometimes be fixed by running the water for about 20 minutes to flush out small amounts of rust. However, if the problem persists, you will likely need to replace the damaged pipes

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