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Tree Roots and Residential Plumbing

Tree Roots and Residential Plumbing

Tree roots are choking the plumbing lines that run in and out of your house.

Your home is under attack. Unless you know what to look for, it’s completely invisible. Tree roots are choking the plumbing lines that run in and out of your house. This situation can cause plenty of headaches, so find out what you need to watch out for this summer.

Your Landscape is Overgrown

You would expect your lawn and landscape to look beautiful. After all, spring and summer are the seasons of growth and change. But if your landscape is suspiciously thriving, then it can start growing too much. So if your landscape is overgrown, then that is one sign that tree roots are interfering with the plumbing and all of that water has nowhere else to go.

Random Sinkholes

A sinkhole is no laughing matter. Sinkholes that open at random, with no warning, are even worse. A leak can create an emergency situation where the earth literally turns soft and mushy. This is when you need a plumber to come and help you and diagnose whether or not your plumbing is blocked. Flooding shouldn’t happen on your lawn, and if it does, then you can blame it on the tree roots.

The Drains Are Slow

Your drains should also run at normal speeds. If you suspect that they are slowing down, then this is another indication that your plumbing is being affected somehow. The toilets will act as though they’re clogged or backed up, and that’s never a pleasant experience. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners in this instance, because they won’t be much help. You could end up damaging the pipes if you do, and corrosion or acid leaching will only make matters worse.  

Awful Smells

What’s that smell? Even if you do a good job in keeping your house clean, you might still smell something funky. This funk is nothing good, either. That awful smell is a warning that your sewers have been invaded. This is another example of a plumbing emergency that you won’t be able to tackle by yourself. Exposed sewage can pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of everyone in your house.

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