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Protecting Your Plumbing from Your Pets

Protecting Your Plumbing from Your Pets

Make sure your home’s plumbing is safe from your four-legged family members!

Your pets are adorable, and there’s no doubt that you accept them as part of your family just as you would with the people you share your home with every day. Even so, the fact remains that you need to protect your plumbing safe by any means necessary, especially if you want to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs before their time. Here is a good look at how you can do that.

Protect the Pipes

When you start to consider how to make your home pet-proof for four-leg-induced disasters, take a minute to reflect on how you would make your home childproof. That’s a good approach to take when you look at the bigger picture. So this task starts by shielding the pipes, which is even more important when the pipes are exposed. Make sure you cover up loose wires, too. That way, your curious pup can’t chew through it during a bout of separation anxiety or a biting phase.

Balance the Pressure Valves

Next, it’s time to balance the pressure valve controls. Pressure balancing valves are more important than you realize. By installing these devices, you can allow the other people in your home to run the water while the shower is running. Doing this might seem silly but it can protect against burns caused by steam and scalding hot water.

Install Drain Guards

You might not have thought about what it takes to protect your home’s plumbing from everything that could go wrong. Installing drain guards will help prevent any problems that you might not have accounted for already. Human hair can clog the drains, but so can pet hair. If you bathe your dogs in the tub or in the shower, this can quickly cause problems for your drains, since your pets – both cats and dogs –  tend to shed more quickly than you do.

Close the Toilet Lids

Lastly, be sure to close the toilet lids. When a toilet is flushed, it can eject bacteria in every direction, but you won’t always notice because it is invisible. Keeping the lids closed can prevent this disgusting spray from hitting your towels and toiletries. Keeping the lids closed can also keep your pets from drinking the water in the bowl. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners and then be sure they have enough water so that they don’t get desperate.

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