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A Brief List of Common Summertime Plumbing Mishaps, Problems, and Concerns

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Your home’s plumbing is typically ignored. That is, at least until something goes wrong.

May is fading away. And that means June is almost here. While we’re still roughly a full month away from the official “beginning” of summer, you should take time to prepare for summertime conditions. Your home’s plumbing is typically ignored. That is, at least until something goes wrong. Warmer weather brings an entirely different set of worries that you most likely won’t have to deal with in the fall or winter. So, what common issues should you be on guard against? Let us tell you more.

Basement Flooding

Spring and summer are particularly rainy seasons. That means your basement could flood. If you haven’t already, turn on your sump pump and ensure that it still works as it should. A downpour is fun to listen to while you’re trying to sleep, but the aftermath could be messy. And that’s putting it lightly!

Clogs in Your Garbage Disposal 

Every now and then, your garbage disposal will develop a stubborn clog. These blockages can be troublesome enough that they won’t be dissolved even after multiple attempts to clear them up. Sometimes, even the plunger won’t help. Fruit pits, vegetable skins, seeds, nuts, and bones can contribute to this situation, so be gentle on your disposals. 

Taking Care of Your Washing Machine 

As dependable as your washer and dryer are, they require periodic maintenance. Neglecting or outright ignoring these repairs will end poorly. Heavier loads cause blockages, stoppages, and overflows. All of these issues are as frustrating as they sound. Change your habits so that smaller loads become the norm; double-check that there are no leaks or kinks. Another related problem has to do with overheating. You don’t want that to happen either. To counter this, pull the machine away from the wall. By doing this, you can minimize the annoying sounds of the machine banging against the dryer as it dances.  

Your Lawn Sprinkler Starts Acting Up

Summer heatwaves can make everyone on your block miserable. Imagine how your lawn feels! When the grass starts to wither, you can tell because it’ll start fading to yellow or brown. One way to restore that lush green is to use your lawn sprinkler system. But overuse, foot traffic, and lawn mowing equipment can damage the connections and hoses that make the sprinklers work.

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