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What Should You Do When Your Washer Floods Your Laundry Room?

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Stop the flow of power and water to the laundry machines.

It’s never fun to deal with laundry. It’s not exactly enjoyable to experience flood damage, either. So what should you do when those scenarios overlap? Yes, despite what you may think, your washing machine can overflow. Even if you manage to avoid panicking and know how to react, you could end up with a ruined washer, dryer, and home. Let’s talk about your options at this point. 

Stop the Flow of Electricity and Water 

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to minimize the dangerousness of the situation. Stop the flow of power and water to the laundry machines. Making repairs will be virtually impossible unless you turn off the power supply. Don’t forget to shut off the hot and cold water supply lines. Once you’ve done that, look around the floor and pick up anything that has gotten soaked. Set them aside in another room so that they can start drying off. 

Do Your Best to Clean Up 

After you’ve completed the previous step, do your best to clean up the water. Failing to do so invites the presence of mold and mildew to develop. Fortunately, a relatively small amount of water is easy to deal with – go grab a mop and bucket. But suppose your laundry room is drenched in several inches of water. In that case, we highly recommend that you call a water damage restoration company. You should also contact plumbers in case leaky plumbing or damaged pipelines were the unexpected culprits.

Figure Out If You’ve Been Overloading 

However, there are some cases where a plain human error causes the problem. Overloading the machine is a mishap that can lead to catastrophic flooding, and you might not even realize it. To verify if this is the true cause of your troubles, perform a simple test. Put in a small load of clothing and then run the machine. No overflow means no overload. 

Inspect the Water Inlet Valve 

Alternatively, something could be wrong with the water inlet valve. Try running a cycle, preferably while the machine is empty. Keep an eye on it until you see it is halfway full of water. After that, reach behind the washer and unplug it. Do you see more water pouring in? If so, the water inlet valve is to blame. When it stops working, you’ll need to replace it ASAP.

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