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Plumbing Trouble: Summertime and Burst Pipes

Plumbing Trouble: Summertime and Burst Pipes

It’s easy to think that plumbing problems only affect you during the winter. After all, how often does a pipe burst when it’s hot outside?

It’s easy to think that plumbing problems only affect you during the winter. After all, how often does a pipe burst when it’s hot outside? The answer is more often than you might think! If you’ve recently run into some plumbing trouble, it might have something to do with your pipes bursting. Read on to find out more

Tree Roots Cause Problems 

First of all, you should know that tree roots can become a nuisance. They can cause the pipes underneath your home to burst when you least expect them to. Roots will follow sources of water, no matter where they lead. If there is a weak point in one of your water lines, then the roots will find it and exploit it. The pipes will be squeezed until they crack, spewing water everywhere. This example of plumbing trouble can affect how much water pressure you hav in your home, along with the color and safety of the water coming into your home. However, this isn’t the only cause of burst pipes you should watch out for!  

The Problem of Corrosion 

Corrosion can also cause havoc. Pipes that are too old will fall victim to rust. How old is your home? That’s the question you must ask before proceeding. Many homes built before 1970 probably haven’t been updated, and they need to be. Maintaining your plumbing and pipes every year can remove this problem. As with many other things around your home, a little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. Small issues can be dealt with before they turn into headaches or major problems that hit you in the wallet, requiring more time and money to fix than if you had jumped on the problem sooner

The Problem of Construction 

The environment changing around your home can cause problems as well. Construction can loosen and shift the soil around your property. Too much soil weight can weigh heavily on the pipes you depend on. Whenever construction is going on near your home, tell the workers about any water or sewer lines nearby. 

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