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A Basic Guide to Backflow Preventers

A Basic Guide to Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are incredibly important — but no one talks about them enough.

Backflow preventers are incredibly important — but no one talks about them enough. In fact, the importance of backflow preventers can not go unnoticed anymore. The reality is, backflow preventers are so critical because they ultimately prevent contamination within your water supply chain. Here are some helpful facts to help you better understand just how important backflow preventers really are.

What Exactly Is A Backflow System?

First, understanding what a backflow is becomes especially critical. In fact, backflow is typically a plumbing term that is usually used to describe some undesirable flow of water going in the reverse direction than it should. As a result, the backflow of water will contain contaminants that ultimately can prove to be hazardous and disastrous to the water supply chain in general. Therefore, backflow preventers work to ensure no contaminants end up in your water supply chain — generally speaking.

How Exactly Do Backflow Preventers Really Work?

For effective and efficient backflow preventers, there are two main types to understand: air gap (AG) and reduced pressure valve assembly (RPZ). In fact, these two work differently — yet similarly. The reality is, understanding how each type works can help to gain a better grasp on the overall way backflow preventers work. Air gap backflow preventers work just like the name suggests, by having air gaps between the water supply and the receiving vessel. However, reduced pressure valves will be designed with valves that typically only open when water is flowing forward. Both, however, work to prevent contamination and a backflow from occurring. 

Why You Need A Backflow Preventer System

Ultimately, it becomes increasingly important to incorporate a backflow preventer for your water supply system. In fact, these systems work to provide your home with a proper and clean water supply chain that can remove any potential contamination from your water that is used by everyone in the home

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having contaminated water in your water supply. In fact, it could be dangerous and incredibly hazardous. As a result, investing in this plumbing solution can be the best way to alleviate worry about water contamination in your water supply chain system. 

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