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Should You Invest in a Leak Defense System?

Should You Invest in a Leak Defense System?

Is it worth the investment to have a leak defense system installed? Here are a couple of compelling reasons why it would be.

If you’re considering a way to upgrade your home’s plumbing system, a smart investment could be a whole-home leak defense system. Leak defense systems get fitted into your existing pipes to sense water leaks or otherwise detect irregular water usage. After it detects signs of a water leak, the system will automatically shut off the water supply to the home. Modern leak defense systems even come equipped with sophisticated technology that can give you remarkable insights into your household’s water usage. This all sounds great, but is it worth the investment to have a leak defense system installed? Here are a couple of compelling reasons why it would be.

Early Leak Detection and Stopping

A leak defense system is also widely known as a flood prevention system. How it works is the system monitors and senses your household water usage so it can best detect when there is some irregular usage pattern. Most often, the irregular and excessive water usage are indicative of a leaking pipe or faulty faucet. The system will shut off the water supply automatically so you can have a chance to get your plumbing inspected and repaired. Leak defense systems catch and stop signs of a house flood early, which is a persuasive reason enough for many to invest in such a system. Stopping a flood could save you hundreds of dollars in potential water damage repairs.

Monitor Water Usage

As mentioned, modern leak defense systems use technology that fit can provide incredible insights into your home’s water usage with so much convenience. Some systems can be monitored and controlled through an integrated app you can access from a smart device. This means you can get regular reports on how much water your home is using, as well as remotely control the water supply. It sounds inconsequential, but it can be a great feature if you’re ever away at work or on vacation to keep an eye on your home.

Insurance Incentive

If the already given reasons aren’t enough to convince you a leak defense system is a great investment, maybe you’ll listen to your insurance provider. Many insurance companies have taken to offering discounts on home insurance policies or reimbursements to cover the purchase and installation of these leak guard systems. It varies from company to company, so get in touch with yours to learn about any incentive programs from them to get your leak defense system today!

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