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3 Benefits of Installing Touchless Faucets in Your Home

3 Benefits of Installing Touchless Faucets in Your Home

Touchless faucets and other fixtures aren’t just found in public and commercial spaces anymore; You can enjoy this touch of touchless luxury in your own home!

Of all the upgrades you can make to your home plumbing, installing touchless faucets could be among the best choices. Touchless faucets and other fixtures aren’t just found in public and commercial spaces anymore; You can enjoy this touch of touchless luxury in your own home! Hands-free faucets offer plenty of benefits to your household, and here are just three to start! Just be sure to call a professional from Master Plumbing & Mechanical to install the touchless faucets and other fixtures properly in your residence.

Convenient Water Access

Convenience is top-of-mind when it comes to touchless technology. The touchless faucets activate when sensors detect motion or close-proximity, so all you need to do is hold your hands under the spout. Anyone can easily use the fixture! Sometimes, this convenience translates very well to making it accessible for all users too. Those who are older, have limited mobility, suffer from a hand injury or arthritis, and others can find that touchless faucets make handwashing that much easier. Additionally, it’s very hassle-free to power your faucet. Depending on the model, you can choose those that are plug-in, are solar-powered, or run on rechargeable batteries.

Saves Water and Saves Money

Water leaks cost a ton of money, but a leak is often out of your control. But, there are ways we often waste water here and there that really add up at the end of the month. People tend to leave the tap on when washing dishes, lathering hands, or brushing teeth. A perk of having touchless faucets is having the automatic off, not just the automatic on. With a hands-free faucet, your water won’t run unnecessarily if you aren’t actively using the flow of water. Also, we’ve all forgotten to turn off the faucet when we’re done once in a while. Don’t worry about that anymore with water-conserving touchless technology.

More Hygienic Household

It’s no wonder that high-traffic restrooms in restaurants, shopping malls, or airports use touchless faucets. Being able to reduce the times we touch certain surfaces helps limit the spread of germs and other grime we could be tracking with our hands. That is, there are fewer opportunities for people to contaminate or be contaminated by faucet handles. In fact, you may find yourself not needing to do deep scrubbing for soap scum at your kitchen or bathroom sink after a touchless fixture installation. 

All of Your Plumbing Needs from Master Plumbing

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