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How to Handle Toilets That Don’t Stop Running

How to Handle Toilets That Don’t Stop Running

If you have toilets that are continually running, here are the steps you should follow to correct the problem.

Of all of the issues one could experience in their home, a toilet that won’t stop running is likely one of the more bothersome ones. It’s even more bothersome given that there are multiple reasons why a toilet might run nonstop, meaning you’ll have to test multiple theories before deducing what’s actually wrong. If you have toilets that are continually running, here are the steps you should follow to correct the problem.

Take the Lid Off

The only way to see what’s wrong with your toilet is to remove the lid. That’s why you should always take it off and put it aside somewhere until you can uncover the source of your toilet running problem.

Check the Fill Tube

When you remove the lid, you’ll find many different valves and tubes within your toilet. What you’re looking for is the fill tube. The fill tube is the one that runs out of an open-topped tube known as the overflow tube, and it’s the bigger of two vertical tubes you’ll see inside of your toilet. The fill tube is highly malleable and quite thin.

The responsibility of the fill tube is to unite the overflow tube with the fill valve. If it’s not doing this, try connecting them back together and see if that remedies the issue.

Check Your Toilet’s Fill Height

All toilets come with a float, which is joined together with the fill valve. If the float is set too highly, it results in water running constantly. On the other hand, if it’s set at too low a level, the toilet won’t flush as effectively.

The ideal height of the water should be roughly one inch before the rim of the overflow tube. If this isn’t where your water level currently is, make adjustments accordingly. It’s possible you’ll need to invest in a new float to address the issue.

Look at Your Flapper and Handle

You also want to inspect your flapper and handle whenever your toilet won’t stop running. If the chain that joins your flapper and handle isn’t long enough, the flapper will be unable to close, resulting in water running continuously. Sometimes, the chain just gets tangled, so you can correct the problem by untangling this chain. Otherwise, it’s possible you’ll need a new flapper.

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