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Toilet Troubles: How to Prevent Them

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Regular toilet cleanings contribute to a hygienic and fresh-smelling bathroom, and also helps you keep leaks on your radar or other plumbing issues.

Today’s topic of discussion is ways to prevent toilet troubles. Toilets are one of the most used fixtures in a home. They are also the messiest fixture. Therefore, we understand that it can be a hassle when issues arise. Fortunately, fixing bathroom plumbing problems doesn’t have to be a DIY project. You can depend on Master Plumbing for your plumbing needs. In addition, many plumbing problems are avoidable. Prevent toilet troubles by following these six rules of thumb. 

Clean Your Toilet Regularly 

Baking soda, vinegar, or mild soap are all things you can use to clean a porcelain fixture. Regular cleaning contributes to a hygienic and fresh-smelling bathroom. However, it will also help you keep leaks on your radar or other plumbing issues. 

Refrain from Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

There is a great debate about whether chemical drain cleaners are acceptable. These products can be harmful to your health if you accidentally breathe them in or splatter your skin. In addition, chemical drain cleaners can damage older pipes or fixtures. Plus, these chemicals don’t benefit our water systems. Also, if your home has a septic tank, chemical drain cleaners can potentially kill off the good bacteria there. 

Inspect Your Toilet Every Six Months

When it comes to any fixture in your home, you want to check up on them intermittently to ensure they’re functioning correctly. Take the tank lid off, flush the toilet, and pay attention to how the components operate together. Ensure the flapper is sealing well and the fill valve stops filling at an appropriate level. 

Fix Toilet Leaks and Runs Immediately 

Leaky toilets are typically silent. You won’t find a puddle of water on the floor since the water leaks out from the tank into the bowl and down the drain. What you might notice instead is an increase in your water bill. 

Be Careful of What Flushes

This tip is obvious. We don’t have to state the only two things you should flush down the toilet. However, sometimes children as highly unaware. As you potty train children, it doesn’t hurt to discuss what you should flush versus what shouldn’t. 

Call Us When You Need Us

Some jobs are more complex than you can handle, and it’s more than acceptable to ask for help. You can spend a lot of time and money fixing what a professional can in a matter of moments. In addition, when you hire a plumber, you can avoid many costly mistakes. 

Call Master Plumbing today if you’re experiencing troublesome toilet issues. 

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