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Can’t Flush Your Toilet? You May Have One of These Problems

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Can’t flush your toilet? You may have one of the following problems.

One of the most frustrating parts of having a toilet is when it just won’t flush properly. In fact, having a toilet that won’t flush is all too common — but might not be ideal when you are about to have guests over at your place. The reality is, having experts guide you through fixing the flushing situation is essential for fixing the problem. Ultimately, there are some telltale signs that you might have a larger problem on your hands whenever you cannot flush your toilet effectively or efficiently. Here are the biggest problems associated with a toilet that simply won’t flush and how to avoid these issues in the future.

Too Much Slack In The Lift Chain

If when you are pushing down the handle of your toilet and you notice absolutely no resistance, then you might have a bit too much slack in your lift chain. The lift chain is always located inside the tank itself. The reality is, the lift chain will usually connect the flapper to the tank which subsequently releases water. Ultimately, if it has shifted, you’ll end up having a lot of slack within the lift chain itself and the toilet will not flush as it should.

A Clogged Toilet

Another dilemma that is all too common when your toilet isn’t flushing properly is a clogged toilet. In fact, if there is someone in your family that uses too much toilet paper, this can hinder how effective your flushing ability will be. The reality is, you might even have a toy that might have ended up in your toilet which could result in issues when it comes to effectively and efficiently flushing your toilet overall. 

Ultimately, a clogged toilet is basically inevitable so knowing that this issue is quite common can alleviate some unnecessary stress. But, it definitely would be helpful to have a professional examine the dilemma with your toilet to ensure that everything is working properly and get your toilet to finally flush properly once and for all. At the end of the day, a clogged toilet can lead to a number of added issues when not taken care of immediately which is why contacting a professional becomes necessary as soon as you notice that you can’t flush your toilet properly.

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