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What Is The Lifespan of Home Plumbing?

master plumbing lifespan of home plumbing

What is the typical lifespan for home plumbing?

There is no denying that the plumbing within your home is crucial for your home’s structure. In fact, your home plumbing system will continue to work very hard daily. The reality is, the plumbing in your home is needed for so many different specific tasks. Ultimately, many homeowners are unaware about just how long-lasting a plumbing system typically is. Here is a helpful guide to help determine where your plumbing system stands when it comes to the lifespan overall.

Knowing Your Pipes

Understanding the specific type of pipes that you have will ultimately determine the exact lifespan of your home plumbing system overall. In fact, having a professional come through and inspect your pipes can allow you to get the best information regarding the age of your current plumbing system. The reality is, most pipes are usually made of brass, iron or steel and typically can last anywhere from 50 to 70 years overall. Ultimately, PVC pipes will traditionally have the shortest lifespan due to the material which can help inform homeowners when it comes to choosing the piping material for their homes.

Hot Water Heaters

Understanding how your hot water heaters operate in conjunction with your pipes will make a world of a difference. In fact, your water heater will typically rely a lot on your plumbing system. The reality is, if you take a hot shower every single morning, your hot water heater is definitely being utilized frequently. Ultimately, tankless water heaters will typically last the longest at 20 years while traditional water heaters tend to have a 12 year lifespan.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having a plumbing system that is older than necessary. In fact, if your home is old, you might require a new plumbing system installed a lot sooner than if you had a newer home with a modern plumbing system. The reality is, there are plenty of reasons your pipes could end up needing to be repaired or replaced. Ultimately, being aware of the lifespan associated with your plumbing system can really allow you to make the most out of your overall plumbing system and can better inform you when it comes to making plumbing decisions.

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