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5 Underappreciated But Essential Plumbing Tools

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Many homeowners have a basic notion of how to perform plumbing work.

Many homeowners have a basic notion of how to perform plumbing work. But unless they have adequate training as master plumbers, their results might not always be so effective. Even so, the basic upkeep of your home’s pipes and plumbing lines is relatively easy to achieve. All you need is some basic tools. So, what are they? Let’s dive into some explanations and descriptions!


The classic plunger is a humble item. It’ll help you unclog your toilet when it gets a little too blocked up. But did you know that they can help unblock sinks as well? It’s true! These tools are great solutions for minor clogs. But you might wonder why – a plunger pushes more water into the pipes. What this means is that there is more pressure squeezed against the clog. As such, you won’t need to call a plumber for such a minor problem. Make sure each toilet in your house has a plunger by it, even if the toilets themselves aren’t used very often.  

Drain Snakes 

Drain snakes are nifty little devices. You’ll also hear and see them called plumbing snakes. The plumbing snakes can remove thicker clogs that the plunger is unable to resolve. The auger is both extendable and flexible. It doesn’t cost much, which is a great reason to have one and replace any that wear out. Plus, you can use them to address clogs in your tub drains. Hair and other debris can cause plumbing-related problems for you and your family.   

A Wrench for the Basin 

What differentiates a basin wrench from the one you keep in your basic toolbox? Loose sinks and faucets are annoying. Nuts and bolts are essential elements of your plumbing system. It can also slip into smaller spaces that might be hard to reach otherwise. 

A Set of Pipe Wrenches 

Pipe wrenches are a step up from their basin-fixing siblings. Pipe wrenches are much bigger and heavier than the wrenches you’re used to; you can use them to adjust fittings and pipes that have come loose. 

Some Thread Seal Tape 

You’ve probably heard of painter’s tape. Thread seal tape is a similar type of adhesive but used by plumbers instead. In essence, this tool stops troublesome and persistent leaks. Threaded joint connections are fundamental elements of any residential plumbing system, so make sure they don’t corrode or come undone! If all else fails, keep the emergency contact number for a trusted plumber on hand!

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