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The Benefits of an In-Home Water Filtration System

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good filtration system will filter as much as 99.9% of unnecessary chemicals out of water.

While most people today understand the inherent necessity of having access to clean, safe drinking water, most people also don’t actually drink enough on a daily basis to keep their bodies healthy and hydrated. They usually have a reason for not drinking enough, ranging from forgetting to to not liking water. If the issue keeping you and your family from drinking enough water each day is the taste or quality of your home water, you should consider installing an in-home water filtration system. Let’s examine the benefits of such a system so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Remove Contaminants

Even the best tap water doesn’t remove all of the contaminants and they flow into your home, through your faucets, and into your glass. In fact, some tap water can have as much as 2000 different chemicals, most of which aren’t even regulated by the EPA. A good water filtration system will filter as much as 99.9% of those chemicals out. So why not just have a filter on your fridge for drinking water – because you use water for more than just drinking. Having a home filtration system means that when you fill a pot at the sink, that water is also filtered.  The smell and flavor of your water that you use in cooking will impact the final product. Additionally, if you have pets, they will also benefit from having clean drinking water in their bowls. 


Better Than Bottles

Many people opt for plastic bottled water instead of using their tap water, but the environmental impact of that choice is massive. All of that single-use plastic is terrible for the planet. It is also super expensive. All of that bottled water really adds up over the months and years, whereas a home water purification system would have a sizable up-front investment, it will last you for years. 


All-Around Improvements

With filtered water, you will likely notice improvements in other areas. First, you will be healthier once you start properly hydrating, since dehydration effect health and sleep and many other things. You will also notice cleaner dishes and cutlery coming out of the dishwasher, cleaner clothes, and even better functioning appliances. All of your appliances can benefit, from the boiler to the toilet, from not having so many contaminants flowing into them. The many benefits of having a water filtration system far outweigh the cost (which pretty much pays for itself overtime) and the time it takes to install (which is actually pretty quick and easy).


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