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Signs You Could Use a Faucet Replacement

Master plumbing faucet replacement

Over time, rust and calcium deposits accumulate on fixtures and cause faucets to deteriorate gradually.

Would you know if it were the time for a faucet replacement? Even in newer homes, plumbing fixtures won’t last forever. You might need to replace old bath faucets with new fixtures one day. However, it’s not always evident that faucet replacement needs to happen. Sometimes the problems are small or even undetectable. When you watch particular signs, it clues you if it’s time to replace your faucet. Here are those telltale indicators. 

Faucet Replacement Should Happen if There are Leaks 

When you turn on a fixture, do you notice leaks coming from your handle? If so, there needs to be a faucet replacement. Leaks show up eventually after heavy years of use and indicate that there are worn out or damaged components. 

Shower Diverter Problems 

Does it seem as if your tub also serves as a standing shower? If so, you most likely need to change your diverter valve so that water comes out of your shower head versus the tub faucet. In addition, if the diverter valve doesn’t work to change the water flow, this part needs a repair or an entire replacement, depending on the severity.

Rust and Calcium Deposits

Over time, rust and calcium deposits accumulate on fixtures and cause them to deteriorate gradually. This issue commonly happens in homes with hard water. If mineral deposits seem impossible to remove, it’s best to replace the fixture. You might also consider having a plumber install a water softening system because hard water causes skin and hair to become dry and leads to frequent plumbing issues. 


Higher utility bills are problematic, and water waste negatively impacts our environment. Shockingly, even a tiny drip increases the water bill. Cost savings and environmental protection are worth paying the price for a faucet replacement. 

Antiquated Style

Take a moment and imagine how your bathroom would look with gold hardware. This trend has been a staple in bathroom remodeling projects for some time. A bathroom can be much more than a place where you bathe, shower, and wash your hair. This space can be a soothing oasis if you want it to be. Even if your bathroom faucet is working optimally, new fixtures can change your bathroom’s entire ambiance. 


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