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Preparing For A Boiler Installation


Clearing the way for your boiler installer is not only beneficial to them for the sake of space, but for the sake of their safety.

There are many reasons that you may be in the process of having a new boiler installed. First, boilers do eventually get old and stop working, or at least stop working as well as they once did. They also one of those fixtures that can break and create a huge mess, especially if they aren’t properly maintained. In other cases, people may choose to get a new boiler if they have the budget for it simply to improve the energy efficiency of their home and reduce waste. Regardless of the reason, there are certain things that need to be done to prepare for the installation of your new boiler. Read on to learn more about what you can do to prepare for boiler installation. 

Have The Technician Visit

the first step in the process should be to have the technician come out and assess the boiler room and decide the right plan for replacing the fixture. This is not something that you can do for them and it is not something that they can reasonably do without seeing the space in person. There are many different factors that go into a boiler installation and the technician needs to be able to see all of the angles to adequately plan for the installation.


Schedule Based On Weather

Your boiler is likely a big part of the heating and/or cooling of the building, so don’t plan for the replacement of a still functional boiler during a period when it should be actively working to keep the space comfortable. For example, if the boiler still works and it is what heats your radiators to warm your house, don’t schedule the replacement in January – wait it out till spring when you likely will have several days of warmer weather to get you through the installation.


Clear the Space

You likely did this when the technician came the first time, but if it has been a while you probably need to again. Clear all of the stuff away from the boilers so that the installers can get to the old one and access all the important connections easily. IF they have to climb over stuff to work, you’re making their job dangerous.


Plan For Down Time

Depending on your situation, you could have a few hours to a few days of down time. Your technician should have a detailed plan of how the installation will go and should be able to manage your expectations. There is always room for the unexpected, however, so plan for a little bit more than their estimate to be on the safe side. 


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