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Maintenance Tips for Your Sump Pump


Maintenance Tips for Your Sump Pump

Here are maintenance tips that should help your sump pump stay in good condition.

Sump pumps are beneficial for any homeowner to have. They play a crucial role in protecting your basement against water damage. Given the value that sump pumps bring, it’s important to provide them with the necessary maintenance, when needed. Here are maintenance tips that should help your sump pump stay in good condition.

Inspect it Occasionally

Flooding can happen in your basement without warning, so it’s important to check on your sump pump every now and then to ensure that it still works, just in case flooding were to happen. Sump pumps should be inspected monthly. To do this, pour a little water into your sump pit. Then, see if your pump operates normally. If it makes any unusual sounds, it might need to get fixed.

Regularly Clean Your Sump Pump

An important part of sump pump maintenance is keeping it clean. This helps your pump last longer, while also making it more efficient when it’s being used. When cleaning your sump pump, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Turn your pump off and ensure that no appliances are being used that drain water from your sump pit
  2. Rinse your pump with a hose, and use a scraper, like a putty knife, to get rid of more stubborn debris
  3. Clean your sump pit with a wet vac
  4. After your pump dries, reattach it to your discharge pipe, then plug it back in

Keep Your Equipment Sufficiently Covered

Covering your equipment is important because it keeps larger pieces of debris from getting into your sump pit. You want your equipment to be covered as snugly as possible, only allowing small holes to be exposed to the air, which are meant for the wires, stand, and drainage pipe. Even with your sump pump covered, however, that doesn’t mean you can ignore cleaning it. It simply means you’ll have less to clean when it’s that time.

For Sump Pump Upkeep, Call Master Plumbing

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