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How to Tell Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working

How to Tell Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working

Keep a close eye on your sump pump and if you have any issues like the following, call in a plumber to help.

Your sump pump is an essential part that ensures your basement stays dry and that any rainwater is directed away from your home. Typically, your sump pump will be located in your basement, where it collects water through your perimeter drains and allows for it to be removed from your home. After that, it gets sent to the closest drainage point to keep that moisture away from your home. Most sump pumps are metal or plastic, and you’ll find them submerged inside a chamber inside of basements.

As useful as sump pumps may be, however, there are some problems that can occur with them. If it isn’t working, it can lead to much bigger issues, so keep a close eye on your sump pump and if you have any issues like the following, call in a plumber to help.

New/Strange Noises

As far as sump pump problems go, these tend to be the easiest ways to detect them. Sump pumps are supposed to be quiet, so if you notice more noise than a quiet hum, it could indicate that there is a problem happening with your unit. Often times, this is a sign that a part is worn or damaged, or that the motor is damaged. Bring in a pro to decide whether or not repair or replacement is a suitable approach.

Noticeable Vibrating

Crucial to the overall function of sump pumps is the impeller. Think of it like a propeller, it just pulls things towards it instead of pushing air away. Hard debris can get lodged in your pump and damage the impeller. When damaged or bent, an impeller becomes off-balance—only to create more stress on the unit. All of that stress results in noise and excessive vibrations, so it’s likely time for a replacement.

Not Turning On

A sump pump that won’t turn on could be the result of any number of factors. In some cases, it requires a pro to repair it, and in other cases it’s a simple fix. For example, a tangled float switch is common and can be fixed just by untangling. Alternatively, a broken float switch bracket could be the problem, which is also easy to DIY. Anything larger may call for a professional’s help though.

A Broken Motor

While there may be an issue with wiring that’s preventing your sump pump’s motor from powering on, if you rule that out, it’s likely an internal electrical issue. That could be something like a fuse or breaker problem, or blockages can prevent water from getting out of the discharge line. Alternatively, low temperatures may cause freezing and subsequent clogging, which can all make your motor run harder than it should. Eventually, that will cause the motor to burn out and need replacing.

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