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When to Get Your Sump Pump Replaced

When to Get Your Sump Pump Replaced

Today, we’ll be telling you when replacing your sump pump is a good idea.

Our homes have to deal with many types of circumstances that can cause damage to their foundations. One way a home can be damaged is by excess water. If water is able to accumulate in areas around your house, you can run into serious problems before long, such as wood rot and mold. Fortunately, homes come equipped with sump pumps, which are designed to take water from your house, and move it somewhere else. This stops flooding from occurring in the lower levels of our homes. Unfortunately, a pump can only last so long before needing to be replaced. That’s why, today, we’ll be telling you when replacing your sump pump is a good idea.

It Makes Unusual Sounds

If your sump pump is making any sounds that seem out of the ordinary, it’s likely because there are pieces that have been damaged or worn out. Problems can range from a failing motor to a damaged impeller. No matter what the issue may be, it’s important to inspect your sump pump if you ever hear anything that’s odd.

Your Sump Pump Vibrates Excessively During Use

Have you noticed that your sump pump is vibrating more often than usual? This can happen when your pump’s impeller gets damaged. A bent impeller can cause the entire pump to start wobbling and making strange sounds. Since it’s practically impossible to readjust a bent impeller, you’ll have to get a new one whenever this problem occurs.

Your Sump Pump is at Least Seven Years Old

No pump is going to last forever, even when it’s given proper care and maintenance. Time is always going to hinder your pump’s ability to function as it should. Therefore, when your sump pump gets to be around seven years old, you’ll want to get it replaced.

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