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3 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Toilet Repair

3 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Toilet Repair

Here are reasons to avoid a DIY toilet repair.

Some homeowners may believe that if they can handle minor plumbing issues on their own, such as clogs or a water heater fitting, they can also handle more extensive repairs. The truth is that toilet repair should always be done by a professional. Many factors are at play, and if a DIY project goes wrong, you may have to pay more to repair more significant issues. To avoid further problems and ensure excellent results, call Master Plumbing for a successful toilet repair. The following reasons can remind you about the dangers of DIY repairs.

Toilets and Their Connections Are Complicated

Toilets are part of everyday life, but a surprising number of moving parts are involved in every flush. When installing or repairing a toilet, the installer must understand all of the system’s working parts. These parts include:

  • Closet bolts and bolt covers
  • Tank lever
  • Flange extension ring
  • Toilet flapper
  • Wax bowl ring

If you do not have the knowledge of these parts or the appropriate equipment to handle them, it is best to avoid DIY toilet repair.

DIY Means an Increased Risk of Errors

Common mistakes with a DIY toilet repair include forgetting to shut off the water valve before removing the toilet and improper placement of the toilet flange. To avoid bathroom floods or a broken piece of equipment, call an experienced plumber. At Master Plumbing, our crew knows what to do and how to avoid disaster.

Small Leaks Lead to Big Problems

Sneaky leaks can form with even the slightest wrong move during your toilet repair. A small leak can become a large issue, like pooling water or pest problems before you notice the disastrous impact on your home’s foundation. Misaligned valves or pipes, an improperly sealed wax bowl ring, and loose bolts can all lead to undetected leaks. If there is a floor beneath the area where you replaced your fixture, pooling water in the ceiling of that area or discolored stains may appear. These effects may go unnoticed until mold or rot occurs.

To avoid these potential problems, call Master Plumbing for help from experienced and trained professionals. Our team has seen many different issues and knows the best solutions and safest methods of repair.

For Toilet Repair Services, Call Master Plumbing

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