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Common Issues That Indicate You Need a Toilet Repair

Common Issues That Indicate You Need a Toilet Repair

Here are signs that you’ll want to get a toilet repair.

Do you have a toilet that overflows, or maybe it doesn’t flush as well as it normally did? If these are issues that affect you, you’ll want to handle them sooner rather than later. Toilets are used in our homes every day, so you want them functioning their best at all times. When they don’t work, you’ll want to pinpoint the source of the problem. Fortunately, there are signs that will tell you when a toilet repair may be needed. Here are signs that you’ll want to get a toilet repair.

Your Toilet is Clogged

Toilet clogs are not only inconvenient, but also unsanitary for your home. In many situations, you can remedy a clogged toilet by simply using a plunger. This is only useful for smaller clogs, however. If clogs are given time to build up too much, a professional toilet repair may be required to restore it to normal.

You Get Phantom Flushes

Have you ever heard your toilet refilling, but no one actually flushed it? This is what’s referred to as a phantom flush. It happens whenever something is wrong with the flapper of your toilet, and it likely needs either cleaning or replacing. Once this is done, your toilet should flush like normal again.

Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush Strongly

Sometimes, your toilet might empty at a slower rate than usual. This could be an indicator that there are clogged holes beneath your bowl’s rim. This is what causes weaker toilet flushes. For minor clogs, home remedies could be enough to resolve the issue, but for bigger clogs, it’s best to let the professionals restore the flushing power of your toilet.

Weak or Loose Seals

Many toilets will have five seals, and these seals are prone to leaking. There is one seal in particular that is larger than the others, and if it leaks, water could shoot out from your toilet after you flush. This is because that particular seal is between the toilet bowl and the tank. A professional toilet repair company will need to come by and fix the issue if this ever happens to you.

For Toilet Repairs, Call Master Plumbing

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