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Tips for Replacing the Showerhead in Your Bathroom

Tips for Replacing the Showerhead in Your Bathroom

After you’ve done that, the next step is to put a tarp or a stack of towels on the floor of the bathroom.

If you’re tired of the underwhelming water pressure delivered by your current showerhead, then it could be too old. Even if that isn’t the case, you might just want to have a change. That’s why you should experiment with changing your showerhead and give yourself a better experience the next time you take a shower.

Get Everything You Need

Make sure you have everything you need before starting your project. If you don’t, then it’ll take much longer than necessary. Tarps, towels, and tape will be your best friends. You’ll also need a wrench, and of course, the new showerhead that you want to install.

Turn the Water Off

The water can’t be running when you switch out the showerhead. If you don’t shut off the water, then you’re going to get wet. One solution is to shut off all of the water to the entire house, but that is going overboard. For right now, just make sure the shower isn’t on while you work.

Put Down Tarp or Towels

After you’ve done that, the next step is to put a tarp or a stack of towels on the floor of the bathroom. Then make sure you have some in the tub or on the floor of the shower stall, depending on what the set up is like in your home. Make sure you cover up the drain with a towel – that way, any loose pieces that drop off will be saved before they are lost where you can’t retrieve them.

Detach the Showerhead

Detach the current showerhead and prepare the new one to be mounted in its place. You’re going to need the wrench for this, even if you think your grip strength is enough to get the job done. Don’t run the risk of injuring your hands!

Tape the Threads

The shower arm needs to be taped to keep it steady. That way, attaching the new showerhead will be much easier than if you skipped this step.

Attach the New Showerhead

It doesn’t matter what type of showerhead you have, because they should all be able to connect to the shower arm. The wrench will also be your best friend here.

Test the Showerhead

Once you’ve attached your new showerhead, turn the water back on and see if it works!

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