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Do You Need A Backflow Preventer?


A backflow preventer can help against contaminates and water pressure problems. Read on to learn more about these plumber-recommended pieces.

If you’re dealing with contaminated house water, pressure changes, or other issues with your home’s water, the answer might be simple. A backflow preventer can help against contaminates and water pressure problems.

What is a Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers only have one job: stop dirty water from reentering your home’s drinking water. This piece of equipment is used universally in the plumbing industry. Without a backflow preventer, there is always the possibility that the water in your home will be distributed elsewhere, causing a drop in water pressure. Without a backflow preventer, in an emergency such as a main break or use of a fire hydrant, your home’s water supply could be used.

Backflow Before it’s a Problem

Installing a backflow preventer by asking a professional plumber, of course, will ensure the water in your pipes only flow in one direction. If there was an emergency that needed a mass amount of water, your water flow would not be interrupted, and wastewater from your home would not be drawn out to be reused among neighbors sharing your municipal water supply. Backflow preventers are also helpful for your health as contaminated water cannot be cycled back; therefore, it will not reach your home due to neighbors having backflow preventers.

Do I need a Backflow Preventer?

Always consider these few things when deciding if you need a backflow preventer installed at your home.

  • Future contamination issues: Sharing municipal water sources can cause contamination in the water supply. This is never impossible, so it is best to be prepared. A backflow preventer is an affordable alternative to dealing with water contamination in your home.
  • Your neighborhood will appreciate it: It may be necessary for you to have a backflow preventer per your municipality. If you’re unsure or have never heard of this device before, it is best to make sure your home has one.
  • Your plumber recommends it: This is a device recommended by all plumbers. Have a licensed plumber from Master Plumbers support you in this undertaking.

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