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What’s Wrong With Your Water Pressure Levels?

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Having the proper amount of water pressure is more important than you might think.

Having the proper amount of water pressure is more important than you might think. Low water pressure can be just as frustrating (and bad news) as high pressure. After all, when you’re washing dishes, you most likely want to have a powerful stream of water to help you get rid of all the crud on your plates, bowls, and cups. Only after a good rinsing are they ready to go into the dishwasher. On the other hand, you’re not going to enjoy a pathetically weak cold shower when you’re feeling overheated for one reason or another. 

The Meter Valve is Still Partially Closed 

Without a doubt, the meter valve is one of the most important components of your home’s plumbing system. Think about the utility layout of your house – have you ever noticed two water shutoff valves? They are both essential because they control how much water is entering your home. The valve closest to the water meter belongs to the local water company or municipality. If you’ve noticed a dip in water pressure after a routine maintenance diagnostic, it’s a sign that the meter valve might be halfway closed. Look at both valves (one inside, one outside); crooked valves mean they are not open all the way.

The Pressure Regulator is Wearing Out 

Likewise, you might want to check on the pressure regulator’s condition. Worn-out regulators restrict the amount of available water pressure at your disposal. When they are working the way they should, the regulators keep pressure levels in check. Why? It’s so the pipes won’t be damaged. Unfortunately, this might also cause the pressure to drop like a runaway roller coaster going downhill. Although this might not necessarily be the problem, it’s still worthwhile to talk to a plumber. Plumbing professionals can evaluate the root cause of the issue and replace the regulator if it’s necessary. 

Your Aging Metal Pipes Are Rusty 

Many different materials have gone in and out of vogue as sturdy and safe piping. As durable as they are, steel pipes can corrode. This rust not only makes your water look gross but also makes the water unsafe to use. Corrosion buildups eventually lead to stubborn blockages. But since these clogs accumulate within the pipes themselves, it can be immensely difficult to ascertain if that is the real problem or not. Copper and plastic pipes are good substitutes that are not as vulnerable to this detrimental effect.  

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