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4 Plumbing Mishaps That Will End Up Costing You

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Indoor plumbing is vital for modern life. What happens when something goes wrong?

Indoor plumbing is vital for modern life. However, if it isn’t maintained properly, the repairs (or replacements) will become a total nightmare. Many homeowners make simple mistakes that they’ll think nothing of until something has gone wrong. So if you want to keep your water bill down, here are some mishaps and accidents that are relatively easy to avoid! 

Forgetting to Turn Off the Tap 

Blocked or slow-running drains can cause a disaster if you’re not careful. That’s one of the reasons why you should turn off the tap when you’re done using it. But it can get much worse than that. For example, faucets are essential plumbing fixtures that you shouldn’t take for granted. Look for the water main, and look for shut-off valves that control water flow to toilets and sinks. In other words, turn the water off so that you conserve water. 

Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaning Products 

Drain cleaning products are affordable solutions that can solve many plumbing-related problems. While they do a great job of dissolving clogs, they’ll also wear down the pipes that the liquids flow through as they do so. You could use a drain snake instead. These nifty little gadgets are easy enough to insert into the blocked drain. It doesn’t matter if it is in the kitchen or the bathroom (although they are much more commonly used in bathrooms.) A mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water is an environmentally-friendly alternative to consider as well. But recurring clogs and blockages call for the expertise of a master plumber. 

Attempting to Fix Plumbing Problems by Yourself 

On occasion, there are plumbing issues that the average homeowner can sort out by themselves. But this isn’t always the case, and sometimes, you’ll be better off leaving such problems to a pro. Attempting to fix plumbing problems on your own could end up making the situation far worse than you realize. Besides, you might need a permit before doing anything. More likely than not, you can only secure the permit if you can prove that you are a licensed plumber or contractor. Otherwise, you run the risk of bringing your home’s value down and not up as you intended. 

Not Hiring Certified (or Master) Plumbers

Fully certified and licensed plumbers are going to be your best bet. When you’re unsure what is wrong with your home’s plumbing system, give them a call! Might we suggest contacting us?  

All of Your Plumbing Needs from Master Plumbing

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