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When a Sewer Line Replacement is Needed

When a Sewer Line Replacement is Needed

Here are warning signs that you’ll likely need to get a sewer line replacement.

Have you noticed any unusual odors or noises stemming from your sewer line? If you have, then it’s possible a sewer line replacement will be needed. Since problems with your sewer line are best addressed immediately, it’s important to know when to get your line replaced so that problems can’t escalate. Here are warning signs that you’ll likely need to get a sewer line replacement.

Your Water Bill is Much Higher Suddenly

Your water bill is likely going to be slightly different each month, but there should be a predictable range under which that bill should fall. If your water bill has spiked well beyond this range, it’s a sign that your system is getting more water flow than normal. This added water flow could be due to a leak in your sewer line. If the leak is small enough, a plumbing company could fix the issue, but larger issues could warrant replacing your entire sewer line.

Gurgling Pipes

Gurgling noises are common for any plumbing system, but these noises should only pop up occasionally. If you’re hearing them all of the time, there’s likely a bigger problem going on, such as your pipes getting blocked or damaged. Without the ability to drain water properly, your pipes will have air pockets form inside of them, which is what causes these gurgling noises.

Small blockages can be remedied with a simple plunger, but bigger blockages like calcium deposits or tree roots can force you to get a sewer line replacement, especially if these blockages cause damage to your sewer line.

Water Drains Slowly

If your sewer has an issue, it will often take a while for the water to drain. This is a problem that often becomes more noticeable over time. Perhaps you’ve attempted to resolve this issue with a drain snake, but you were unsuccessful. If this is the case, you should contact a plumbing company to help you either repair or replace your sewer line, depending on the severity of your situation. A reputable company will let you know which option is more suitable for you.

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