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Why Is My Toilet Making Noise?

Why Is My Toilet Making Noise?

What are some of the most common noises you might hear from your toilet, and what do they mean? Read on to figure out the cause of some of these noises.

Any unexplained noise in your home can be annoying, and the same is true when it is your toilet making noise. What are some of the most common noises that you might hear coming from your toilet, and what do they mean? Read on to find out! 

Water Hammer 

Do you hear a loud hammering noise happening whenever you flush your toilet? You might be dealing with a water hammer. If your toilet is making a noise like this, it can be the result of water in your pipes being rapidly pushed forward and slammed off. The momentum of the water inside of your pipes can be suddenly stopped when the valve shut off, which can lead to a correlated sound in the pipes. A plumber can visit your house to adjust the valve and pressure to reduce this noise.


If your toilet is making a noise that sounds like a whistle or a high-pitched squeal after you flush it, this is a very common problem. The float valve is typically the issue in this case. We can visit your home to determine the underlying problem and replace your float valve so that you don’t hear the noise again. In some cases, the fill valve may be so old that it is not sealing properly. In this case, we can also replace it so that your toilet is not noisy anymore.


You expect your toilet to make a flushing sound, but you don’t expect to hear it when you haven’t flushed the toilet. If your toilet is making this noise without you pressing the flush handle, the issue is most likely a poor-quality flapper that is allowing water to leak. Once the water has leaked a certain amount, your toilet will detect that the water levels are low and ”flush” the toilet. We can determine if the flapper or another problem is the culprit and replace the associated part so that your toilet is no longer flushing itself at all times of the day.

Fix Your Toilet Making Noise With Master Plumbing

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