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How to Prevent a Sewage Backup

How to Prevent a Sewage Backup

So if you want to avoid sewage problems, get an arborist to come and take a look at your trees for you!

At some point, your sewers and drains are going to back up. You need to know how to stop this from happening. If you don’t, you could find yourself with a failed sump pump and a flooded lawn. You also run the risk of catastrophic water damage to your home. If you didn’t know what you should do before, you will now!

Dealing with Grease 

One of the biggest reasons your plumbing can fail is if you overload it with grease. After you’re done cooking let the grease cool down before you do anything with it. Then pour it into the trash can, and not down the sink! While it is still hot the grease is a sticky liquid. But once it cools down, it hardens. This solidified grease can clog up drainage lines and sewer drains, causing a backflow of sewage. If you think that sounds unpleasant, you’re not wrong!

Dealing with Solids 

There are other solids you’ll have to worry about, too. Your solid waste and toilet paper should be the only things that count as solids when they go down your pipes. Don’t attempt to flush used-up diapers, makeup, hygiene products, and anything else that don’t dissolve in water. If you do, they’ll get stuck and cause problems with the sewage system around you. 

Dealing with Wipes

Another problem has to do with wipes. Many flushable wipes claim to be compatible with toilets. This isn’t always the case. If you’ve been using a brand of wipes that go down easy, then that’s great! Either way, it’s best to play it safe. They can still get stuck if you overuse them, after all.

Dealing with Hair 

Believe it or not, hair can get down the drain. Think about all the hair that falls out when you jump in the shower or stand at the basin attached to the vanity. You probably stand there to shave, and where else does that hair go but down?

Dealing with Trees

At first, this point probably sounds strange. After all, why would you need to deal with trees? As absurd as it does sound, invading tree roots can do huge damage to your pipes, plumbing, and drainage systems. So if you want to avoid sewage problems, get an arborist to come and take a look at your trees for you! 

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