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4 Unexpected Ways Your Pets Can Foul Up Your Home’s Plumbing System

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Believe it or not, your curious pets can harm your home’s plumbing system.

Believe it or not, your curious pets can harm your home’s plumbing system. This situation isn’t something they would do on purpose, mainly because they’re just inquisitive or mischievous. Plus, a dog drinking out of the toilet bowl is a bad habit, but it won’t mess up the toilet’s essential functions. However, there are some other ways in which your pets can affect how well the pipes work. Since they might not be the most obvious things in the world, let’s talk about them! 

Pet Hair Causes Stubborn Clogs 

Human hair can block the drains in your bathroom. Although you might not realize it, it could also happen in the kitchen or the laundry room. Likewise, it could also happen anywhere else inside your home that could potentially get clogged up when they rely on running water. Pet hair can cause clogs that are more than just common nuisances. Drain strainers or blocker covers can stop pet hair from falling down the drain – especially at pet bath time! 

Their Hair Also Gums Up Appliances 

The washing machine inside your home is an unsung hero. Whether or not you lead an active, hectic, and messy lifestyle, having a fully functioning washer and dryer can be a gift that keeps on giving. Be careful when you go to wash pet clothes or bedding – their loose hairs could get into the drainage system of this appliance. Lint rollers should fix minor issues, but we recommend seeking assistance from professional plumbers if it’s something more serious!

Pets Can Drop Things into the Toilet 

Your pets are essentially your fur children. They will pick up on everything you do, especially if they like to watch you or your kids during potty time. In other words, your pets might decide that dropping random objects into the toilet while you’re not looking is their idea of a good time. Whenever this happens, the flushing action becomes more difficult. It might cause catastrophic flooding if you don’t catch on in time. Not to worry – skilled plumbers can fish it out for you. 

Cat Litter is Not Safe to Flush

Many kitty litter brands are formulated to be a special kind of sandy substance. The litter is supposed to absorb urine and feces, but that doesn’t mean soiled litter belongs inside a toilet. Bag up the litter and toss it into the trash instead!

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