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6 Signs You Need a Boiler Repair

master plumbing boiler repair

Boiler systems operate silently. A noisy boiler system typically indicates that there is an issue.

A boiler repair is necessary if you notice changes in the system’s heating performance and energy efficiency or discover leaks. Boiler heating deals with high temperatures, pressure, and flammable natural gas. A DIY approach isn’t the best option if you want to be safe. Additionally, the DIY method has caveats. Most homeowners can ensure the system is turning on at the thermostat, set to the right temperature, and that the air is released at individual radiators. However, if problems persist, call us for a professional boiler repair. Here are four signs that you need one. 

No Heat is a Sign of a Much Needed Boiler Repair

The causes of no heat are air in the system, valve or circulation pump failure, loss of water, or thermostat issues. 

Water Leaks is a Sign of a Much Needed Boiler Repair

A boiler system has many potential sources of water leaks. Sometimes a water leak repair doesn’t break the bank. Other repairs of this nature might mean major component failure. 

Strange Noises

A boiler system should operate silently. There’s an issue within the system if you hear rumbling, banging, whistling, and gurgling noises. However, it takes a professional to determine the cause of the problem and its severity. For example, mineral deposit buildup in the boiler or air getting into the system are typical causes of noisy operation. 

The Pilot Light Won’t Stay on.

A pilot light that won’t stay lit could stem from a defective thermocouple shutting off the gas supply. You should address this safety issue with one of our professionals. 

Low Water Pressure

All boilers require a particular amount of water pressure. If the water pressure drops below that level, a safety cutoff switch turns off the boiler. Air in the system or expansion tank problems typically cause low water pressure. 

Radiators That Won’t Fully Heat.

Air in the system or sludge accumulation could be why radiators won’t heat up fully. A complete system bleed or chemical flushing might be the best solution. 


Contact Master Plumbing today if these signs of a much-needed boiler repair apply. Also, reach out to us if you’re looking for a new-and-improved high-efficiency condensing boiler. 


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