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Unclogging the Bathroom Sink

Unclogging the Bathroom Sink

It can be annoying and unsettling when the bathroom sink won’t drain.

It can be annoying and unsettling when the bathroom sink won’t drain. Usually, this is because the drain itself is clogged. Here are some tips for how to unclog the sink and stop it from happening again.

Clean Out the Drain

The first step is to clean out the drain, or in this case, the plunger of the sink. We take our sinks for granted since we brush our teeth, shave, and groom ourselves at the sink. It may also be where we rinse out water bowls for our pets before refilling them. Plenty of debris can fall into your pet’s water bowl, such as the sand from kitty litter. This can contribute to the gunk in your drain. Lift the plunger and clean out hair and other debris.

Try a Plunger

That first solution might not have worked. Lift the plunger attached to the sink and run the water for a minute or two. Then take the suction cup plunger on the sink itself. Although you might think this is only effective for the toilet, it can also help unclog your sink too. The water should start draining away, and you shouldn’t have a pool of standing water in your bathroom sink anymore. If that doesn’t work, then try cleaning out the trap.

Clean Out the Trap

If the other two solutions haven’t helped, then something else is the matter. Look at the drain trap in the pipes under the sink. You might need to put down a bowl or bucket to catch water that comes out when you pull the trap off. Clean out the trap and then reattach it to the rest of the pipes. That should do it. If it doesn’t, then it might be time to consider getting help from plumbing professionals, as the problem could be even deeper than you expected.

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