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Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance Tips from Your Silver Spring Plumber

Good maintenance practices can go a long way in preventing big plumbing problems down the road. Avoid the headache of having to call an emergency plumber by maintaining your kitchen plumbing. Learn tips and tricks from your Silver Spring plumber on how to keep your kitchen plumbing in good working order.


Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to your kitchen plumbing!

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance Tips from Your Silver Spring Plumber


Your dishwasher was likely a significant investment so make sure to treat it well! Always be sure to scrape plates completely clean before placing in the dishwasher to prevent clogs and backups. It’s also important to periodically clean your dishwasher following your manufacturer’s instructions: this will clear the main line of any food buildup which could cause your dishwasher to overflow or begin to produce unpleasant odors.

Garbage disposal

It is important to keep your disposal in good working order by not overloading it and ensuring that you are not trying to dispose of foods that it cannot handle. The following foods shoud NEVER go down your garbage disposal:

  • Grease
  • Coffee grounds
  • Poultry skin
  • Egg shells
  • Stringy or fibrous produce

After running anything through your disposal, get in the habit of running cold water down your drain for 10-15 seconds to ensure all particles are appropriately flushed out. If you start to notice unpleasant odors, simply throw a lemon rind down your disposal and turn it on for 15 seconds. Your sink will smell lemon-fresh!


Common faucet problems are luckily easy to fix yourself. One of the most common issues that homeowners face is a faucet that has experienced a sudden reduction in water pressure. This is generally caused by a clogged aerator: simply unscrew the aerator from your faucet and rinse away any accumulated sediment under running water. Another common problem is a leaky faucet. The most common causes of leaks are worn out washers or O-rings. This is a quick fix you can do yourself and replacement parts cost only a few dollars.

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