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Common Washing Machine Problems

Common Washing Machine Problems

Is something wrong with your washing machine?

Getting laundry done is a chore. It’s a task that no one looks forward to even when nothing is wrong. Is your washing machine struggling to keep up or flooding the floor before you can get everything into the dryer? That’s a major problem you will probably need a plumber to solve!

No Wash Cycle

One of the most common problems is when there is no wash cycle. If the washing machine doesn’t run, it’s not easy to figure out what the issue is. At least, it is at first. Did you plug it in? If you didn’t, or if it came unplugged, then that’s the problem solved. Then double-check the circuit breaker, because it might have tripped. Reset the breaker and then keep an eye on the machine as it continues to do its job. There might be a bigger problem that isn’t readily apparent. If all else fails, take a look at the water valve. Clogs might stop the water from getting into the machine as it normally would.

The Drum Doesn’t Spin

This problem only really applies to front-load washers, since top-load models typically have an agitator instead. So what happens when the drum doesn’t spin? Double check the belt at the bottom of the drum. That’s because it can fall out of alignment or flat-out break after years of heavy use. Read the owner’s manual of your washing machine (or look up a digital copy if you lost your original handbook) to see how you can get to the belt. You might need to use a screwdriver, but that’s about it. If something is actually wrong with the belt, then it’s time to call a plumber.

No Water Drainage

You might open up your washer to find all of your laundry soaked more heavily than usual. Then you take everything out but still see puddles of water left behind. That’s because the drainage was clogged for some reason. Loose change or anything else left in your pockets can block the drain easily enough. Try using towels and buckets to empty out the water after disconnecting the washer. If that doesn’t change anything, then it’s another sign you need a plumber.

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