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How to Save More Water

How to Save More Water

An Energy Star rated dishwasher will save energy and water, which is a bonus that you might not expect.

Many homeowners want to do their part for the environment. How exactly can you follow suit? By saving water, of course! Here are some helpful hints and tips for how to do it. 

Start Using Your Dishwasher More 

This probably sounds counterproductive, but it does make a positive difference! This trick also helps avoid clutter and congestion in your kitchen sink. Rinse off dishes to get excess grease and food debris off and then put them right into the dishwasher. An Energy Star rated dishwasher will save energy and water, which is a bonus that you might not expect. Dishwashers only need to use 5 gallons of water, while washing by hand could consume up to 27! 

Inspect for Leakage 

Another idea is to look for leaks. In fact, that could be why you keep seeing puddles of water on the floor in your kitchen, but you don’t know where they are coming from – that’s why a leak could be the culprit. Still, you don’t need to only focus your efforts on the kitchen. Many appliances and fixtures around your home rely on water, such as the toilet, the bathtub, and the washing machine in your laundry room. Sinks, faucets, and emergency shut off valves could also be leaking. Find your water usage meter and look at the readings that you see. What do they say? It tracks your water usage, and you can use it to help pinpoint the source of the issue based on the difference between last month and this month – maybe the leak was relatively recent? The plumbing system is usually concealed behind the walls, making it harder to look at it directly, but you will know the effects when you see them!

Schedule Water Heater Repairs 

Your water heater could also be what is leaking, and you will see your water “usage” go up as a result. Be sure to schedule repairs on this appliance as soon as possible when you think something has gone wrong – your water bills and your wallet will thank you

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