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How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing During Extreme Cold

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing During Extreme Cold

The recent cold weather is proof that frozen pipes are a possibility. Here are ways to prevent pipes from freezing during extreme cold in your home.

The recent cold weather in Maryland and across the country is proof that every part of the state can deal with frozen pipes and their associated issues. Unfortunately, a single frozen pipe can be a huge headache and lead to water damage if the pipe bursts. Some of the tricks that work well for temperatures around freezing don’t cut it when things drop to the single digits. Here are some of the easiest ways to prevent pipes from freezing during extreme cold in your home.

Add Insulation

If you do not already have insulation wrapped around your pipes, consider doing so to prevent pipes from freezing during extreme cold. Particularly in parts of the home that are not thoroughly insulated or heated, like the crawlspace or a garage, it is worth adding some level of insulation to the pipes. Any pipe that is exposed has a drastically higher chance of freezing.

Invest in a Heat Cable

Do you have certain parts of your home that are vulnerable to frozen pipes? It might be worth investing in a heat cable. Heat cables are specially designed to help prevent pipes from freezing during extreme cold and thaw frozen pipes. Make sure that you follow all manufacturer directions, as they may need to be secured with special tape and only used for a certain period.

Keep Water Moving

Any time the temperatures drop below freezing, especially for long periods of time, there is a risk of pipes freezing. However, once things get down to the low teens and single digits, it is even more important to act to prevent pipes from freezing during extreme cold. Allow a small amount of water to drip from faucets overnight. This keeps water moving and also provides relief from the pressure of frozen pipes, which reduces the risk of bursting

Warm the House

While no homeowner wants to spend more on their energy bills, it can be necessary during periods of extreme cold. To prevent pipes from freezing, it is worth keeping your thermostat at a steady temperature throughout the day and night. This limits strain on your system and also keeps the temperature steady throughout the day to minimize the chance of pipes freezing.

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