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Dealing With and Preventing Frozen Pipes

Dealing With and Preventing Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be costly if they were to burst and they can be nerve wracking to unthaw.

Frozen pipes can be costly if they were to burst and they can be nerve wracking to unthaw. There are steps you can take to avoid this issue when preparing for the cold weather. Don’t forget to take a look around your home before temperatures reach below freezing and save yourself a lot of trouble in the cold months.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

  • Keep heat above 55 degrees in your home when you are away during the cold winter months.
  • If your water supply lines are in the garage, leave the garage door closed
  • Allow warm air to circulate in bathrooms and under cabinets.
  • Let water drip or trickle from the faucet of an exposed pipe if the weather is exceptionally cold.
  • Maintain the same indoor temperature during the day and at night to keep your chances of a frozen pipe to a minimum.

These tips will help with preventing a frozen pipe. All of the heat running during the winter months can be costly but it will not be as costly as a burst pipe and/or water damage.

Thaw Frozen Pipes

A trickle from a faucet in the middle of winter likely means there is a freeze. Oftentimes these frozen pipes are in the foundation of your home where water service enters your house or on exterior walls.

  • When thawing a frozen pipe, keep the faucet on. This will help the melting of the ice and give the water a place to flow.
  • Without using an open flame, introduce heat to the frozen pipe. Heat sources can be; electric heating pad, hair dryer, hot water soaked towels or a space heater.
  • Be sure to continue applying heat until the water pressure is completely restored
  • If there is one frozen pipe, always check for more.
  • Unable to locate the freeze? Call Master Plumbing!

Preventing Future Freezing

  • Relocating your pipes that are exposed to the elements can protect them from freezing. If you are remodeling, consider adding this to your tasks as it could prevent freezing pipes even if it hasn’t happened before. 
  • Maintain a higher temperature on pipes, you can add insulation to attics and basements as further protection.

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