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Perplexing Plumbing Puzzles: The Curious Case of Toilet Paper Alternatives


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What effect do they have on your home’s plumbing system? Let’s find out more!

Toilet paper can seem wasteful. However, in times of crisis (such as blizzards or pandemics), people tend to panic and stock up on as much toilet paper as they can find. You can also find larger capacity packs and rolls online. By using this method, you can save yourself a frustrating trip to the store. But what if you use these common toilet paper alternatives? What effect do they have on your home’s plumbing system? Let’s find out more! 

Clue #1: Flushable Wipes 

Flushable wipes are easy enough to find. It doesn’t really matter whether you get the generic brands or prefer the commercial brands that you see commercials for on TV all the time. The biggest problem with them, though, is that they won’t play nicely with your plumbing lines. They will eventually break down, although this process takes much longer than you would expect. Don’t use too many at a time – clogging your toilet can lead to messy and unpleasant results! 

Clue #2: Other Unwise Flushables 

You shouldn’t flush napkins or paper towels down your toilet. There’s a logical reason why restaurants and grocery stores will have signs hung up requesting that you avoid doing so. For one thing, it could lead to more stubborn clogging and expensive plumbing-related repairs. So avoid flushing the following items: 

Of course, these are just a few examples, among many others,  of what can spell bad news for your plumbing and your septic tank. 

Clue #3: The Rule of Thumb 

So-called “rules of thumb” become common knowledge over time. They help resolve matters that could have nasty consequences if they aren’t handled carefully. Human waste, water, and toilet paper are, generally speaking, the only things that should go down. Do you prefer to use paper with a heavier ply? Then proceed with caution. Otherwise, you could again run the risk of an accidental clog. 

Clue #4: Other Pertinent Ideas 

Although it sounds too good to be true, ordinary clean water works just as well. Plus, you won’t cause any undue damage to your home’s plumbing infrastructure. Bidets and peri bottles are also viable options, so feel free to explore the possibilities if they happen to catch your interest! 

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