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4 Ways to Prevent Mold and Mildew This Spring

master plumbing prevent mold and mildew

Prevent dangerous mold and mildew by maintaining your plumbing this spring.

The changing of the seasons brings with it different challenges for your home and plumbing system. Two such challenges that spring brings are water damage from spring showers and the associated mold and mildew from a humid environment. Even if your sump pump is in good working order, you might encounter these issues. Here are some of the best ways to prevent mold and mildew in your home this spring. 

Immediately Address Leaks

One of the biggest causes of mold and mildew in any property is a leak that has gone unfixed for too long. It takes surprisingly little time for mold and mildew to start forming when a house is warm, and there is plenty of moisture available. To prevent mold and mildew, be on the lookout for signs of leaks and call your trusted plumbers at Master Plumbing as soon as possible. We will be able to determine the source of the leak and make the appropriate repair.

Circulate the Air in Your House

Mold has an easier time growing and flourishing when the air in the home is stagnant and humid. If you are able to increase circulation, you can also prevent mold and mildew. If parts of your home have been wet, like the basement in the aftermath of a spring rainstorm, you should act fast and open windows or use fans to increase circulation and dry the area. 

Use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are one of the simplest ways to lower the humidity level in your home, particularly in damp areas like the basement or bathroom. You can prevent mold and mildew by running your dehumidifier and keeping your home at a stable humidity level. Even if you do not want to run one constantly, it’s a good idea to use one after a flood or leak. 

Control What Feeds Mold

Another key way to prevent mold and mildew is controlling the factors it needs to thrive—moisture and access to organic materials. Little things, like quickly having leaks taken care of, can limit moisture. Additionally, keeping moisture away from organic materials like cellulose and drywall can also limit mold.  

Prevent Mold and Mildew with Master Plumbing

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