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Why Get a Water Heater Replacement

Why Get a Water Heater Replacement

Here are reasons why you may need to get a water heater replacement.

In our everyday lives, our water heaters are probably not at the forefront of our minds. The only reason we think about our water heaters is when they aren’t providing the hot water we need. Typically, you can expect to get anywhere from six to twelve years out of a water heater. This means that, while a water heater can last you for quite a while, there will come a time when a replacement is needed, but when will you need to go through with a replacement? Here are reasons why you may need to get a water heater replacement.

You Want to Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Old water heaters just don’t perform as well as modern ones. After all, technology is constantly improving, meaning newer models will have an easier time raising your home’s energy efficiency. By getting a water heater replacement, you can use less energy in order to get the same amount of hot water. Not only does this raise energy efficiency, but it also helps you save money over time since you’ll be reducing your utility costs.

You Can Prevent Property Damage

When you have an older water heater, it’s more likely to experience problems. Your heater could leak, or even experience an eruption due to rusting, erosion, or sediment accumulation. The likelihood of problems arising will only go up over time. To reduce the chances of problems popping up, you can get a water heater replacement. Newer models won’t have the same age-related risks that older models have.

Newer Water Heaters are More Reliable

While your current water heater might be working for now, malfunctions could start arising in the blink of an eye, especially if your water heater is older. If you get a water heater replacement, you can get rid of your old water heater before it has the chance to cause problems.

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