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Dangers of a Leaking Water Heater

Dangers of a Leaking Water Heater

What are some of the dangers of a leaking water heater, and why is it important for you to act?

Just like any other piece of plumbing in your home, your water heater can start to leak. Small leaks are not necessarily an urgent problem, but they can be a sign of an underlying issue that requires repairs. What are some of the dangers of a leaking water heater, and why is it important for you to act?


One of the most common problems that can occur due to a leaking water heater is flooding. Sometimes a small leak can turn into a big one, and all of the hot water currently being stored inside will leak onto the floor. Depending on where your heater is located in your home, this can mean thousands of dollars in damage to your property and your belongings.

Scalding Hot Water

The water inside of your heater is normally very hot, which means that having it leaking all over could lead to injuries. Any time that you have a water heater leaking inside of your house, you should act with extreme caution. Do not touch the water coming out of the water heater, and make sure that you are wearing shoes with closed toes and thick soles. It is much better to act cautiously to avoid a serious burn.

Fire Hazard or Gas Leak

When your water heater is leaking water, it might also be leaking other things—like gas. Gas leaks are incredibly serious, and they can be catastrophic if they are not taken care of quickly. If you suspect that there is a gas leak, immediately call your gas company to have things shut off before contacting a plumber for additional repairs. We can provide you with additional instructions on how to turn off the power to your water heater, if needed, to minimize any risk of a fire, explosion, or other accident.

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