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The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Water Heater

energy efficient water heater

If you’re having problems with your hot water or want to save some money on your utility bills, consider having an energy efficient water heater installed.

The demand for hot water in your home is consistent year-round, and if you’re having problems with your current water heater you might be looking at replacing it. Many homeowners nowadays, with the modern focus on environmentally friendly solutions, are opting to have an energy efficient water heater installed. While helping the environment may be a big factor in choosing one of these water heaters, there are many other practical benefits to going this route as well. What are the benefits of an energy efficient water heater?

Reduced Utility Bills

Perhaps this is obvious judging from the very name, but modern energy efficient water heaters use less energy than ones even five years old. Many models can achieve energy savings up to 50% from older models and this can help you save a decent chunk of change when the bills come in. Even though an energy efficient water heater may cost more money initially, that money and more is recouped in the long run.

Low Maintenance Needs

Modern water heaters are produced using more advanced technology that guarantees efficiency in your hot water supply. This, in turn, makes regular maintenance less frequent than older water heaters required.

More Eco-Friendly

Energy efficient water heaters can help you curb your water usage. Not only that but the air pollution produced inside and outside is reduced and the systems produce minimal greenhouse gas emissions. In the long term, these heaters are manufactured using replaceable and recyclable parts which reduce the amount of waste being added to our landfills.

More Durable

Whereas older water heater models had an average lifespan of 7-15 years, new energy efficient models come with 20-25 year warranties. This gives the homeowner more peace of mind knowing that the heater is guaranteed for so long. And while the units cost more to produce and buy, their extended life should make this investment a no-brainer!

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