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Cut Down on Your Water Bill This Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is a great excuse to take a few minutes to take stock of your environmental impact. Whether you consider yourself savvy at saving water or you’ve never really given it much thought, there are steps you can take to both save money on your water bill and treat the Earth more nicely by reducing your water usage. Learn more, below.

cut down on your water bills

In honor of Earth Day, cut down on your water bills!

Cut down on your lawn

One of the biggest consumers of water in the US are lawns. If your lawn requires regular watering as most do then you’re probably spending a big chunk of change to keep it hydrated. Is it really worth all of the time, money, and effort? If not then you might want to consider swapping out your lawn for native ground cover that takes very little watering and maintenance. If you just can’t bear to think about giving up your lawn then consider investing in a rain barrel so you can do your watering with water that otherwise would’ve been wasted.

Turn off the faucets

Anytime your hands are not being rinsed then your faucet should be turned off. Leaving the spigot running while you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands allows gallons and gallons of water to be literally washed down the drain. Get into the habit of turning off your faucet when the water is not actively being used. If you want to save even more water then you can also turn off your shower while you’re soaping and shampooing and only turn it on when you’re ready to rinse.

Fix running toilets

If you have a running toilet that you haven’t had time to fix, now’s the time to get it done! Your toilet is truly flushing money down the toilet. Repairing a running toilet is generally a quick and easy fix, so be sure to call your Maryland plumber to get it fixed this Earth Day!

Think it’s time for a new water heater? Your Maryland plumber can help

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