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Reasons Why Toilet Clogs Could Happen

Reasons Why Toilet Clogs Could Happen

Keep reading to find out how toilet clogs can develop in your home.

Nobody wants to be faced with a toilet clog. It can be a tricky process to resolve the issue, as there are many potential reasons for a clog to develop. Knowing these potential reasons is useful, though, as it can help you prevent clogs in the future. Keep reading to find out how toilet clogs can develop in your home.

Flushing the Wrong Materials Down Your Toilet

You can’t just flush anything down the toilet. There are many objects that are not able to be flushed properly. Such objects include feminine hygiene products, large quantities of toilet paper, and wet wipes. When items like these get into your drains, it can cause your toilet to get backed up. To discourage people from putting these aforementioned items in your toilet, leave a trash bin nearby so that people will use that instead.

Your Toilet is an Older One With Less Water Pressure

Perhaps you have a low-flow toilet in your bathroom. While they do have appeal in that they use less water, they also end up having less water pressure. Without sufficient water pressure, your toilet might not be capable of getting obstructions out of your pipes. If this is a recurring issue for you, it might be a good idea to replace your toilet with one that has more water pressure.

Sewer Line Issues

Maybe your drainpipes, vent, and toilet aren’t clogged. If this is the case for you, then problems with your sewer lines could be the reason for toilet clogs. When there’s debris in your sewer lines, it can result in a pipe blockage. Also, given that sewer lines are beneath the ground, you also have to worry about factors such as tree roots that could impact them. When your sewer lines have too much weight or pressure on them, it can result in them breaking. Dealing with problems like these is no easy task, which is why we advise you to contact a professional plumber in these situations.

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